A Dream:— That can change the life

Dream big and achieve big

Everyone has a dream in life. We need a dream that we can get passionate about it. People can get different opportunities in life and pursue the dream to get achieving it.

First,we all have to decide when we stand and what we stand for. It should be clear in mind. Make a determinate deep thoughts in mind, which will compel yourself to more in that direction and get all the resources around us to move in that direction.

My goal is not to be better than anyone else,but to be better than I used to be.

If you stay consistently in what you are doing, will reach your goals.

Remember,each day a small step will take you on that path. So, utilise your resources.

First of all, remain all the things that are holding back. So, get rid of all the negative thoughts and people around you.

It is a universal fact that self development and getting goal is a difficult journey. When we are on a path of improving our lives, there are many setbacks that come along the way.

Everybody’s ability to deal with problems has a different scope and vision. Some people go through the struggle looking for the solution, some people don’t even get started and give up.

There are a positive and negative reaction to every problem.

It can be happens that what you think,may be things didn’t work out for you.

Never forget why you started

We all want success and we all know that certain habits will help us achieve that. Your daily activities will determine the success. So,take small actions every day so that we move forwards even by a little bit every day.

Embrace all the challenges, change the attitude and learn to love challenges. Then, we can get our goal ultimately in coming days.

There is always a positive possibility that we can solve the problems.

Winner focus on the long game. They focus on their vision.

Only hard work will not get though, we need that a smart work to get the ball rolling in our favour, there are some steps:–

1) Try

2) fail

3) learn

4) Grow

Do one step at a time. Try to focus on what you want. Forget to worry, because worrying makes suffering worse. Worrying is for those who can’t realise that worrying too much destroy their dreams.

.Focus on the positive side

Visualise the success

Practice daily

No pain,no gain

Love and talk yourself

Because,worrying is usually not only give mentally unpleasant, but 99 percent of time,it also transform into a physical state. So, worrying will bring the body some unwanted burden.

Stay positive regardless of the circumstances. We are naturally made to learn through mistakes. Throughout,our childhood,we are taught that making mistakes is a negative experience. Most people pretend to live a perfect,mistakeless life.

Hardships are important for your growth in the long run.

It is my advice that avoid all these things and follow this :–

1) start hanging around successful people who have not let their past mistakes hold them back.

2) keep your dream in front of you all the time.

Now,you need to focus on the present and future, while letting the past go.

Make small steps forward everyday,move forward and build on your past failures. Don’t turn your past mistakes into fatal mistakes.

There are ups and downs in our lives that we somehow need to work out way through.

For you want to fly, give up everything that weigh you down.

So, try to focus on what you really want in life.

Remember, mind is everything, what you think,you become… Buddha

Smart people learn from everything and everyone. Average people learn from their experience. Stupid people already have all the answers.

It is your own life. You are the captain of your ship and master of your own soul and decesion.

Passion+ consistency= success

Dr. S.k.jha

Ram Janamabhoomi :– An end of a debate

Ayodhya is one of the holy cities in India. Many tourists come here to visit the historical and religious places. People are living peacefully and enjoying their lives. But, there was one matter which was arising time to time by political party and people of India about the Ram temple and Babri masjid .

It has been a most controversial topic among people of India. A section of Hindu and a section of Muslim community had debate on the site of Ram Mandir or Babri Masjid stood in that place.

The political, historical and socio-religious debate over on the history and location of either Ram temple or Babri Masjid .

The matter of Temple or Masjid had created violence in 1992 between Hindu and Muslim. This topic was a hot news in previous days, months and years.

After a long discussion and debates in courts, this case was sent to supreme court and after hearing all evidences provided by both sides, the Supreme court deciding the matter and give the right decision,so , that all Indians should know the facts and living in a peaceful environment.

India’s Hindu and Muslim community anxiously await a Supreme court verdict over the construction of Ram temple and the destruction of Mosque in the city of Ayodhya.

The five judges of Supreme court bench heard the matter and dispute case, and after a long debate,the Supreme court delivered a historic judgement that the land to be handed over to a trust to build the Hindu temple and also he has ordered the government to give alternate 5 acre land to Muslim community to build the Mosque.

On 5 th February 2020, the trust known as Shri Ramjanambhoomi Teerth Kshetra was created by Government. After coming out the verdict and ordered by Supreme court, both community has agreed on the decision and give faith on Supreme court judgement.

Now, after that,Shri Ram Janamabhoomi Teerth Kshetra trust began the construction of the Ram Temple on March 2020.

The Ram Janamabhoomi Teerth Kshetra trust set up to build a Grand temple and carry out the Bhumipujan on 5th August.

Ayodhya emerged as a place of Hindu Pilgrimage.

Ram and Ramayana is considered among the greatest epic in Hinduism.

Now,we all Indian are excited and eagerly waiting for Bhumipujan celebration.


Life: Change your actions in pandemic situation

Change is essential to all our lives. Our growth,our development all roots in change. Resisting change means resisting failure, resisting learning from failure and thus resisting growth. It is sacred indeed ,but takes the steps forward.

Progress is impossible without change and who can’t change their minds can’t change anything.

Everyone in this world wants to achieve something significant,but a few of them can make it happen. If someone have got success in life and dream their life,must have do the hard work and paid the cost of success.

It is universal fact that self development is a difficult journey. Many obstacles or setback, come in life to get failure. But,we all want success and get achievement in life.

We know that certain habits and path will help us achieve that,but,how many can do it successfully and determine to get achievement in life.

Limits are only imaginary lines, which we create in our head.

So, before getting achievement in life and surviving in this pandemic situation, we have to get some plans and strictly following it —-

1) Plan ahead — Always make a plan ahead what we want to achieve. As a example, If we had plan to get fit and healthy,we have to choose to eat healthy food and workout either in Gym or home. , But before we have to make sure that our plan is realistic and achievable.

2) Strict to that plan — Once we make a plan,we have to strict to it . Holding on is the hardest part, because the brain can distract our plan or fall back to old habits.

Your speed doesn’t matter, forward is forward.

3) Take yourself out of it — Self talk is an essential step. It means, when we go to Gym and work hard there,we have to think and listen ourselves on the focus and thik that it is right or wrong. But, remember.. when focus goes , energy flows.

Enjoy moment and get refresh

4) Take action— When our mind say that we to fall back on previous habits as we can’t do,then essential thing is to recognise it and do something on it. We might be get too bored or not getting desire results on that project immediately.

So,step by step. Day by day.

6) Reward yourself— If we get small achievement in our project or plan, then we need to setup small rewards now and then. As example.. we can have a treat once a week and have healthy foods for rest of the six days.

7) Remember to succeed, we face hardships almost everyday. For that, we need a strong brain and unshakable conviction.

Never be a prisoner of past, It was just a lesson not a life sentence.

So, at last I am reminding you…. Nothing is permanent, Don’t stress yourself too much because no matter how bad the situation is. It will change.

Best of luck

Dr.S. k.jha

Covid 19 and life of people

Corona warriors

Life is a very very difficult to define during in pandemic disease. Usually,we know that it is a condition that distinguishes a vital and functional being from a dead body.

But,here I am trying my best to describe the life of people during Corona cases and what they feel .

People are getting exhausted after almost 5-6 months of lockdown either it is in different phases or unlock phases, but it is still remaining in country and world. Corona cases are increasing day by day in the world and affecting the life and living conditions of people.

Their lives have been gone upside down and their finances as well. Due to Covid-19 pandemics, many people either out of work or facing drops in their salary. Most people have lost their jobs or suffering to their financial problems. Actually,it has been a long journey,but still we have to go a living way until we return to a more normal life.

One thing is most important is that people have realised during this pandemic situation that is the importance of liquidity and money.

Now-a-days , people are not spending money as much as before. As the corona viruses pandemic sweeps across the world,it is causing widespread fear, anxiety and stress among people, all of which are natural and normal.

During this time of pandemic where there is an enormous number of jobs layoffs experienced employees and death of many people,most of them are experiencing failure in their life.

Smart people learn from everything and everyone. Average people learn from their experience. Stupid people already have all the answers.

The people facing the stressful situation in unpleasant condition. This pandemic situation affects the life of society, family members and individuals. In this pandemic condition, people has to learn how to learn and react to this stressful condition. With this dreadful Covid 19 , people have to keep social distancing– which is currently dominating our daily lives and making a situation of fear and anxiety among people and society.

They are not celebrating their functions as before. It affects their health and mind.

This is indeed unpredictable time for all of us as how long we will suffer and how much finance and other things.

Children and old age groups are likely to suffer more as fear, anxiety and stress. Children may find the changes that have taken place difficult to understand and may express irritability and anger. People are being socially isolated and experiencing loneliness which can worsen their health.

So coming out fear and anxiety, we should do some Physical activities, creating new ones and engaging in that activities which gives a sense of achievement.

In Covid 19 cases, people are suffering from:-

A) worries about health and safety of family members

B) concern about accessing food and supplies

C) financial burden

D) feeling of isolation and stress

But, there is a small salutation…that is virtual communication…yes, it can help people stay in touch with friends and family members and it makes stress-free.

Getting enough sleep, eating balanced diet and exercising daily can help people cope with anxiety and stress.

The rapid spread of the virus that causes Covid 19 continues to spark alarm worldwide countries and coming out new cases , confirmed cases , hospitalisation and death tolls.

The news about Corona virus and it’s impact on our day to day lives has been unlelenting . Most people are suffering at the moment and worrying about future.

So, it is my advice that don’t lose hope and try, learn and grow.

Dr. S.k.jha

Amritsar— A wonderful city

Amritsar is one of the beautiful and major city in India. It holds the past and emerging as a growing and most tourist attraction place. It attracts the tourist because of culture, lifestyle and attractive places to visit.

It is connected with railway network as well as by roads also. Amritsar is a reflective of the people who belongs here– the Sikhs. A people who contains with rich history and who have made enormous contributions to the country.

Amritsar has a lot of historical temples and religious sites . Young generation hanging around in Malls or Street stalls, chatting and gossiping.

Amritsar is one of the India’s most spiritual cities. You can get tons of fascinating experience in the city. You can see the border of Pakistan and watch Wagah border. You can enjoy Punjabi songs and foods around the city.

There are some famous and attractive places here:–

1) Golden temple… It is one of the most sacred places in the world for Sikhs. It is a two story structure which is covered in golds. There is a world largest community kitchen inside the golden temple, welcoming to anyone to sit on the floor and get a free vegetarian meal with other tourists or visitors.

The golden temple has its own history. It is an inspiring places and you can get personally involved with,if you wish to know.

2) Wagah border… It is around 32 km drive west from the centre of city. It is the border of Pakistan, where a curious border-closing ceremony takes place at sunset every afternoon.

3) Partition museum.. Here, tourists can learn about the history of partition in 1947, between India and Pakistan. It features a haunting collection of newspaper, clipping, antique photographs and oral histories with people who experienced the violence leading up to the seperation of the two countries.

4) Punjabi restaurants.. Punjabi foods are known for its spicy curries ,pillowy breads, tandoori chicken. Chole Puri, tandoori chicken and hot jalebi ,there are some tasty food items which you like .

5) Baba Atal tower… It is a worthwhile attraction in Amritsar. It is dedicated to Atal Rai, the son of a Sikh guru.

6) Jallianwala Bagh.. It is another important visit place in Amritsar. It is a historical place , where around 1500 people were killed or injured by British soldiers during British rule.

7) Ram Bagh gardens… It is a public park. This park brims with rare plants, flowers,trees, and refreshing water features filled with golden fish . People come here and relax.

At the centre of the park, there is a historic summer palace.

Another tourist attractions are Maharaja Ranjit Singh museum and panorama.

8) Govind garh Fort… It is one of the main attraction place. It is more than 250 years old . It is one of the most iconic symbols of Punjab.

In modern days, it has transformed into an educational attraction dedicated to the history and culture of Amritsar.

Except it, there are some attractive places to visit as

9) Shri Durgiana Mandir

10) Mandir Mata lal Devi

11) Khalsa college

So, I think,you will interest to go there and visit these places and will enjoy there.


Yoga and health— how to keep your body fit

Yoga — word itself strike in mind to keep fit mind and body. Yoga is a practice that connect the body, mind and breath. It uses Physical postures, breathing exercises and meditation to improve overall health. Actually,Yoga was developed as a spiritual practice thousands of years ago. It has been coming from ancient times, but recently in the past few decades, it is using to reduce obesity, mental illness, anxiety, depression, flexibility, hypertension and other ailments.

Scientists and researchers also agree on this point that Yoga is beneficial for health purpose.

Yoga usually divided in eight rungs or limbs which are 1) Yama2) Niyama 3) Asana 4) Pranayama 5) Pratyahara 6) Dharana 7) Dhayana 8 ) Samadhi. It is a holistic way of life leading to a state of complete Physical, mental and spiritual well-being and harmony with the nature.

Yoga can be used by any age group for reducing mental stress, diabetes, hypertension and cardiovascular disease as well as reducing anxiety and depression also.

The nature of Yoga is to shine the light of awareness into the darkest corners of the body.

Although Yoga originated in India thousands of years ago. Yoga has been proved by researchers that it is effective in prevention as well as management of stress and stress- induced disorders.

It has been known that Yoga is beneficial in health conditions like decrease anxiety, stress,fear , obesity and hypertension.

1) Obesity and overweight– Overweight and obesity are strong risk factors for diabetes, hypertension and Ischemic heart disease. Yoga has been found to be helpful in the management of obesity. Many people are suffering from obesity due to lifestyle and junk foods. Less physical exercise increases overweight.

2) Hypertension— Regular yoga practice for 1/2 hours per day is also found in controlling hypertension. Yoga together with psychotherapy , relaxation biofeedback and meditation has been found a convincing antihypertensive effects.

3) Diabetes— India and in the world, there are a largest number of cases of diabetes. The practice of yoga regularly can help in control of type 2 diabetes Mellitus. Yoga also has a beneficial Cognitive brain functions.

4) Lipid profile– Elevated serum total cholesterol,LDL, Triglycerides are risk factors for ischemic heart disease. So, yoga is beneficial for controlling these factors.

5) Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease– Yoga practice improves lung functions and strength of inspiratory and expiratory muscles. Yoga can improves the quality of life.

Yoga can improve overall fitness level and improve flexibility and posture.

a) it helps in relaxation

b) it lowers blood pressure level and heart rate.

c) it improves coordination

d) it improves self- confidence

e) it reduces stress

f) it improves concentration

g) it reduces anxiety,back pain and depression.

h) it helps in sound sleep

I) it boosts immune system functionally

j) it prevents irritable bowel syndrome and other digestive problems.

k) it gives inner strength

l) it improves flexibility, builds muscle strength, perfect posture, prevents cartilage and joint breakdown.

m) it is also better for bone health.

n) it improves balance and relaxes system.

Therefore,it is concluded that practice of yoga is beneficial for all the dimensions of health i.e. Physical, Social, Mental and Spiritual. There are different types of yoga .As per Yoga instructor,we should have to practice yoga under his guidance.

But, always remember— wrongly body or incorrect asanas and breathing in an incorrect manner, while exercising,can be harmful to health and body.

So, Yoga is a light, which once lit will never dim.

I think,now all of you will start yoga and take care of your health.


Pain And Management: A word which can feel every person

You can handle whatever life throws at you

Pain words itself is a traumatic tool in mind. Pain is the most common syndrome of disease. Almost each person gets pain in life somehow, either in sports or by other reasons.

Pain may be symptomatic ( joints,deep tissue, muscles), or neuropathic ( injury to nerve, defects in spinal cord pathways or other problems) . Pain sensation can be aching, throbbing, burning, pricking quality.

Usually, pain producing sensory stimuli in skin and viscera which activate nerve endings of bipolar nervous of spinal dorsal root or cranial nerve ganglia.

Pain is an unpleasant and emotional experience that links to tissue damage. It allows the body to react and prevent from further tissue damage. It may be prick, tingle,burn or ache. Pain may be sharp or dull.

Pain may feel one area of the body such as back pain, chest pain, abdominal pain, shoulder joint pain or may feel all over the body.


1) Injury

2) surgery

3) medical conditions ( cancer, arthritis,back pain, gall bladder stones, kidney stones)

Pain is a complex protective mechanism. It protects the body from danger and harm.

The human body has pain receptors that an attached to two main types of nerves which detect danger and give signal.

Please try not to judge how someone is dealing with a pain , you have never experienced.


1) Acute– It usually comes on suddenly. It might be due to a disease, injury or inflammation.

2) Chronic– It lasts for a long time and can cause severe problems and complications. Chronic pain has a huge impact on people’s life. It can sneak in and snatch away so much — careers,plans, dreams, families and friends.

Many sufferers deal with loneliness and isolation because of chronic pain. When chronic pain is recognised as a health problems, sufferers should hopefully receive access to better treatment.

Signs and symptoms

Some people feel pain in case of flu, fibromyalgia, irritable bowel syndrome and some other types of injury, headache. Some people experience other symptoms as nausea, dizziness, fatigue,loss of appetite, anger, irritability and depression.


Muscle aches, burning sensation or pain, fatigue, sleep problems,loss of stamina and flexibility due to decreased activity.

Mood problems as depression, anxiety, irritability.

Joint pain

Thus,pain is a very common condition. Pain may be from a dull ache to sharp type and can range from mild to extreme.

Pain can interfere with sleep, work, activities and quality time with friends and family.

Living with chronic illness is hard. No one truly understand.


Treatment depends on the cause and type of pain–

1) Acute somatic pain— it can manage by taking some analgesic medicine which can relief pain.

2) Neuropathic pain– It is often chronic. Certain drugs in combination with careful assessment of underlying factors that contribute to pain may be beneficial as tricyclic antidepressants, anticonvulsant,but take advice by doctor.

Except it,there are some tips for treatment

a) Acupressure or acupuncture

b) Physical therapy ( message, exercise, hydrotherapy)

c) sometimes.. surgery

d) Psychological therapy ( cognitive behavioural therapy, relaxation therapy, meditation)

e) occupational therapy

So ,fix your mental health and your physical health will get better too.

I understand your life and situation, please make the life beautiful and get strength.


Emergency psychiatry problems

A psychiatric emergency is a disturbance in thought, mood and action which causes sudden distress to the individual/ or sudden disability,thus requiring immediate management of such disorders.

Around 1 in 5 of the world’s children and adolescents have a mental disorders.

A psychiatric emergency is a dangerous or life threatening situation in which a patient needs immediate attention.

Types of Psychiatric Emergencies

1) A new psychiatric disorder with acute onset

2) A chronic Psychiatric disorder with relapse

3) An abnormal response to stressful situation

4) Iatrogenic emergency

a) side effects or toxicity of psychotropic medication

b) psychiatric symptomatology as a side-effect or toxicity of other medications

5) Alcohol or drug dependence

a) as withdrawal syndrome

b) overdose

c) complications

d) deliberate harm to self or others

Types of problems

1) Social problems —- Family separation, poverty,lack of privacy,loss of livelihood

2) Mental health problems– depression, schizophrenia, acute stress reduction,use of alcohol and drugs, post traumatic stress disorders.

People with severe mental disorders are especially vulnerable during emergencies and need access to mental health care and other basic needs.


There are some common causes of mental illness :

1) Psychiatric disorder

2) Depression

3) Alcoholism and drug dependence

4) schizophrenia

2) Physical factors— People with incurable or painful Physical disorders like AIDS, and Cancer, Kidney failure often lead to emergency care and develop psychiatric disorders.

3) Psychosocial factors— it is a very important reason for arising psychiatric disorders. Such as failure in examination, marital difficulties, divorce, family dispute, failure in love etc.

Psychosocial factor lead to 1) stupor and catatonic syndrome 2) Excited behaviour and violence

It is due to mania , depression, drug and alcohol dependence organic and Non- organic psychiatric disorder etc.

4) Other Psychiatric Emergencies are:

a) severe depression

b) Insomnia

c) Hyperventilation syndrome

d) Anorexia nervosa

e) Drug or alcohol use disorder

f) Psychosocial crisis ( marital conflict, occupational and financial difficulties)

g) Panic disorder

h) Acute psychosis

5) Suicide… It is the commonest cause of death among psychiatric patients. It is a crisis that causes intense suffering and feelings of hopelessness and helplessness.

There are so many beautiful reasons to be happy


When faced with a psychiatric emergency, it’s important to combine speed with obtaining of complete history/ information.

1) Psychiatric history— always obtain history from both the parents and the informants. Informants may be more knowledge and may provide more relevant information.

a) chief complaint

b) Recent life changes

c) Level of adjustment

d) Past history

e) Family history

f) Drug and alcohol history

2) Detailed general physical and neurological examination

3) Mental status examination

People with severe mental disorders die 10 to 20 years earlier than the general age consideration.

Mental, neurological and substance use disorders make up 10% of the global burden of disease and 30% of non-fatal disease burden.


1) Medication

2) Psychotherapy

3) Electroconvulsive therapy

4) Cognitive behaviour therapy

5) Find out the reason and treating accordingly

Emergency treatment should be on immediate medical care ( diagnosis and treatment of the underlying psychiatric problems) and an attempt to establish a bond with the patients.

There are some tips for improving mental health:—

1) Get enough sleep

2) see a therapist

3) spend time in nature

4) pursue a hobby

5) spend less time with gadgets and electronics

6) connect with family and friends

7) express yourself

8) forgive yourself

9) practice deep calm breathing

10) grieve your losses

So,do more of what makes you happy

I think, all of you consider it and living with family and friends stress-free.


Darjeeling…..A Tourist experience

I travel because,it makes me realize, how much I have not seen,how much,I am not going to see and how much I still need to see

Here,I am telling you my journey, experience and beautiful sight -seeing of Darjeeling.I hope,all of you will visit this place once in a Life.

Darjeeling is a wonderful city located in India.

A lot of memorable places like Toy train, Tea gardens, Sight-seeing, Watching the sunrise at tiger hills ,close watching to Himalayan and more attractive places like Mall road and different shopping shops.

I have visited Darjeeling and kept all memorable pictures in mind.

Darjeeling is a beautiful and charming town located in the foothills of the eastern Himalayas in the state of West Bengal.

It has so many beautiful places as magnificent Kanchanjunga and lush green tea gardens,so, this town is also called queen of Hills.

There are many beautiful places to see in Darjeeling,but here I mentioned a few most important places to visit.

1) The Darjeeling zoo and Himalayan Mounteering Institute ( HMI) — The Darjeeling zoo is one of the major attractions of Darjeeling. It is specialized as Red panda, Snow leopards, Tibetan wolf, Himalayan black beer and other species. We can see a variety of other animals and bird species here.

The Himalayan Mounteering Institute is a pilgrimage for trekking lovers and mountain lovers. It organises various Mounteering and adventure courses.

2) Sunrise at Tiger hills— Tiger hill is one of the best visiting site , when the first rays of sun falls on the snow clad peaks of Kanchanjunga and the Everest , we will feel nothing sort of ecstasy.

3) The Mall— The mall is the place where roaming around leisurely without thinking of the traffic. It is the centre of Darjeeling town and the meeting point of four roads. Many beautiful boutique stalls and eateries are present surrounding the Mall.

4) The Darjeeling Toy train— Tis toy train ride in Darjeeling in the misty tracks of Darjeeling will transport to a romantic Dreamland. You can take the joy ride at the Darjeeling toy train that makes around trip from Darjeeling station upto Ghum station via the Batasia loop.

4) Japanese temple and peace Pagoda— This temple is located in the Jalapahar hill and is a place of peace and tranquility.

Travel, because money returns,but Time doesn’t.

6) Tea Estate— Tea Estate is famous in India as the best place in Darjeeling. Tea leaves of Darjeeling is best known in India. Most of tea leaves are exported in other parts of country.

Except this, there are so many things to see and experience here. So,if you have enough time in your hands,then explore the new places and enjoy here.

Some famous Monasteries are Bhutia Busty Monastery, Dali Monastery etc.

The Darjeeling is the starting point of Sandakphu trek ,as one of the most beautiful treks in India. From Sandakphu , you can get wonderful views of the Kanchanjunga ranges.

So, it is my opinion that start your day early in the morning ,roam around the entire day and have fun.

So, Darjeeling is a wonderful place for vacation and relaxing.

I am just a traveller who is learning to travel and travelling to learn.

It is my thoughts that wherever you go,Go with all your heart.

I think, now you will pack your bags and visit the most lovely place.